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The conference organizers are pleased to present the following half- and full-day tours and multi-day excursions highlighting the unique history and culture of Mexico City and notable surrounding areas.

How far in advance do reservations need to be made? How do I make them?
Multi-day Excursions must be booked no less than two weeks in advance. Half and full-day tours can be booked on site at the conference at the Hospitality Desk. Questions and reservations for all tours should be sent to toursbol@servimed.com.mx .

How long are the trips? Where will participants be picked up?
Conference participants will be picked up at the Fiesta Inn and Royal Pedregal. Half-day tours depart at 9:00 am and return around 3:00 pm; full-day tours depart at 9:00 am and return between 7:00 - 8:00 pm the same day.

Half-Day tours

Full-Day Tours

Multi-Day Excursions


Half-day Tours


Mexico City Tour
Mexico City is the world’s largest metropolis and the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. Begin with a tour of the city, including its bustling central square, el Zocalo; the Metropolitan Cathedral; the National Palace with the famous Diego Rivera murals; and Chapultepec park, site of the castle which served as the residence of the ill-fated emperor Maximilian. In the afternoon, visit the world-famous National Anthropological Museum and get to know the major contributions of Mexico’s indigenous cultures. The tour includes lunch at the Anthropological Museum.
Cost per person: US$65.00
Tour Offered: Saturday, 7 Nov and Friday, 13 Nov


Mexico City: Dolores Olmedo Museum and Xochimilco
Dolores Olmedo was a famous Mexican actress, and now her house is a major museum housing paintings from such famous artists as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Once in Xochimilco, we shall take a typical flat-bottomed boat called a trajinera, festooned with flowers and poled through the canals, the last romantic vestige of Mexico City’s past when it was a city built on a lake. Box lunch on the trajinera included.
Cost per person: US$45.00
Tour Offered: Sunday, 8 Nov and Saturday, 14 Nov


Teotihuacan Pyramids
Drive north to Teotihuacan. Encounter the magic and mystery of the 2000 year-old city of Teotihuacan that was the most important settlement on the Mexican plateau between 200 and 500 CE, when it was inhabited by more than 200,000 people. Visit the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Walk down the Avenue of the Dead, pass the Temple of Quetzalcoatl with its unique stone sculptures of plumed serpents, admire the Temple of the Butterflies and explore pre-Hispanic ruins. Lunch at the Cove Restaurant.
Cost per person: US$60.00
Tour Offered: Saturday, 7 Nov and Saturday, 14 Nov




Cuicuilco and Coyoacan
We will visit the beautiful Cuicuilco´s arqueological site. It is located in the south part of Mexico City, and is one of the oldest archaeological places of the valley of Anahuac, Mexico. It is characterized by it´s conical pyramid. We will also visit Coyoacan.- (From de azteca language ,meaning place of coyotes). Its narrow cobbled streets and colonial plazas still keep the neighborhood´s special provincial charm. We will visit the church and the Ex convent of Saint Juan Baptist. It is one of the oldest catholic churches in central Mexico, Its construction began in the 16th Century. A lot of changes have been made in its structure since then. We will visit Frida Kahlo´s museum a famous Mexican painter.
Cost per person:US $50.00
Tour Offered: Friday, 13 Nov


Templo Mayor
The Templo Mayor was one of the main temples of the Aztecs in their capital city of Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City. Its architectural style belongs to the late Postclassic period of Mesoamerica. The temple was dedicated simultaneously to two gods, Huitzilopochtli, god of war and Tlaloc, god of rain and agriculture, each of which had a shrine at the top of the pyramid with separate staircases. Construction of the first temple began in 1390, and it was rebuilt six times after that. The temple was destroyed by the Spanish in 1521.[3] The modern-day archeological site lies just to the northeast of the Zocalo, or main plaza of Mexico City.
Cost per person:US $45.00
Tour Offered: Saturday, 7 Nov and Friday, 13 Nov



Contemporary Museum of Art
Mexico's Tamayo Contemporary Art Museum (Spanish: Museo Tamayo de Arte Contemporáneo), located on Paseo de la Reforma, in Mexico City, was opened in 1981 as a repository for the collection that Rufino Tamayo and his wife Olga acquired during their lifetimes and ultimately gifted to the nation. The architect was Teodoro González de León, a renowned Mexican architect. One can’t help but admire the museum’s form as much as the work it contains.
Cost per person:US $45.00
Tour Offered: Sunday, 8 Nov and Saturday, 14 Nov



Folkoric Ballet
The Folkloric Ballet is the best spectacle Mexico has to offer. The show is a fascinating event combining music, dance and theatre. The ballet company, founded and directed by Amalia Hernandez, has made many highly successful worldwide tours. In Mexico City the ballet performs in the Museum of Anthropology.
Cost per person: US$65.00
Tour Offered: Sunday, 8 Nov


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Full-day Tours


Taxco and Cuernavaca
Enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the highway through the Sierra Madre mountains on your way to Cuernavaca, “The City of Eternal Spring”. The first stop will be a visit to the Brady Museum with its more than 1,200 objects of art. Then on to the Cathedral , to see the 17th century murals depicting the execution of Christian martyrs in Japan. Next will be Taxco, a renowned silver centre and now a national monument that preserves its 18th century atmosphere. After lunch (not included), visit the imposing Santa Prisca Church and wander around the quaint narrow cobblestone streets.
Cost per person: US$50.00
Tour Offered: Monday, 9 Nov


Puebla and Cholula
The tour beings by taking the highway between the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztacihuatl arriving Santa Maria Tonantzintla to visit the lavishly decorated chapel. Continue on too the Archaeological Zone of Cholula to visit the ruins of the largest pyramid in America, then we will have lunch in Puebla (Meal not included). A city tour of Puebla considered by the UNESCO as “historical Patrimony of Humanity” Visit the Cathedral, a colonial Baroque jewel. Continue on to the fantastic Rosario Chapel and the religious museum of the Santa Monica ex-Convent.
Cost per person: US$65.00
Tour Offered: Monday, 9 Nov


Tepoztlán, and Tepozteco
is a town in the Mexican state of Morelos. According to myth, it is the birthplace over 1200 years ago of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god widely-worshipped in ancient Mexico. It is a truly picturesque mexican town. In the middle Postclassic Period, various terraces and a small pyramid were built on one of the peaks of the Sierra de Tepoztlan, overlooking the pre-Columbian town of Tepoztlan. The tepozteco temple became important enough to attract pilgrims from as far away as Guatemala, although the cult of Tepoztecatl was local to this site.
Cost per person:US $60.00
Tour Offered: Monday, 9 Nov and Friday, 13 Nov


Cuernavaca and Xochicalco
Enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the highway through the Sierra Madre mountains on your way to Cuernavaca, “The City of Eternal Spring”. The first stop will be a visit to the Brady Museum with its more than 1,200 objects of art. Then on to the Cathedral , to see the 17th century murals depicting the execution of Christian martyrs in Japan. Xochicalco is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in the western part of the Mexican state of Morelos. Its name may be translated from Nahuatl as "in the house of Flowers. Of special interest are sculptured reliefs on the sides of some buildings. The Temple of the Feathered Serpent has fine stylized depictions of that deity in a style which includes apparent influences of Teotihuacan and Maya art. It has been speculated that it may have had a community of artists from other parts of Mesoamerica.
Cost per person:US $65.00
Tour Offered: Friday, 13 Nov



Tlaxcala is one of the 31 states of the Mexican Republic. It is located east of the center of the country. Within a few blocks of the principal plaza (especially on the south end) are several museums, a bull fighting ring, and the first chapel and first church building constructed on this continent. Probably the most important place to visit and study is the Government Palace located on the corner of the principal plaza. It contains many colorful and historical accurate murals based upon original codexes. The murals were painted by Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin over a period of 40+ years based upon careful research In the plaza, one can find colorful costumed dancing, mimes, instrumental music, marching bands, and much more.
Cost per person:US $85.00
Tour Offered: Friday, 13 Nov


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Guanajuato and Bajio

Day 1. Morning: Drive from Mexico City via San Miguel Allende to Guanajuato. Along the way, stop at the picturesque towns of Tepozotlan (to visit the National Museum of Viceroyalty) and San Miguel de Allende (Iocated in a valley and famous for its narrow cobble-stone streets and colourful patio houses). Late afternoon: Arrival in Guanajuato. accommodation at hotel Camino Real.

Day 2. City tour of Guanajuato, a picturesque city with small narrow streets and staircases, open wide squares and tunnels for traffic below the ground, where once rivers flew. Landmarks include the Basilica Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato, a mighty baroque-style building; the Teatro Juarez, built in 1903 by Porfirio Diaz; and the Alhondiga de Granaditas, originally a storage building for maize which was later used as a fortress during the war for independence. On the way back to Mexico City, short tour of Queretaro, famous for its nice buildings, churches, squares as well as parks and fountains. Despite heavy industrial development, the city centre has maintained its peaceful character. Worth to see are the aqueduct, the Independence Square, the regional museum located at the former cloister of San Francisco, the churches Sta. Clara and Sta. Rosa de Viterbo.

Cost per person: US$435,00 (minimum 4 persons).
Tour Offered: Nov 7-8, Nov 13-14, Nov 14-15


Merida and Cancun

Day 1. Departure from Mexico City Airport to Merida, Yucatán. Upon arrival, welcome at the airport and transfer to your hotel. City tour of Merida with visits to the Cathedral, the Museum of Anthropology and History, the Montejo Residence, as well as the Zocalo and the Market. Lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon, departure to Uxmal, site of the best Light and Sound Show illustrating the dramatic history of the place.

Day 2. Full day tour to Chichen-Itza. One of the most important cities of the Mayan culture, you will see the Kukulcan Pyramid, the Ball game court and the Observatory. This imposing group of temples, tombs and palaces is thought to have been founded about 600 AD, with additions in the 10th century, and is the most complete Mayan city in Mexico. Lunch at a restaurant near the ruins. Visit to the Cenote Ikil. Transfer to Cancun. Registration at the hotel.

Day 3. Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to Tulum, one of the most beautiful ruins by the sea. Visit to Xel-Há, the largest aquarium in the Caribbean.

Mexico City: Dolores Olmedo Museum and Xochimilco Day 4. Free day in Cancun. In the afternoon return to Mexico City.

Cost per person: US$922.00 (double occupancy).
Tour Offered: Nov 6-8, Nov 13-15, Nov 14-16

Mexico - Veracruz - Tlacotalpan - San Andres Tuxtlas - Catemaco - Mexico

Day 1. Morning: Drive from Mexico City to the beautiful port of Veracruz which was the country’s first port and is still its most important and liveliest one. It has literally seen it all and infected everything with its ebullient warmth that makes every day of the year a Carnival. We will visit the town upon arrival, and sleep there.

Day 2. Morning: We will head to Tlacotalpan. This town was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 because the "urban layout and architecture of Tlacotalpan represent a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean traditions of exceptional importance and quality. We will then go to the picturesque town of San Andres Tuxtla. We will sleep there.


Day 3. Visit to Catemaco. Rustic charms, mystic lagunas and lush surroundings lure visitors to this magical patch in the Los Tuxtlas mountains. We will sleep there.

Day 4.We will return to Veracruz where you will have a free day. We will sleep there.

Day 5. Return to Mexico City

Cost per person: US $940.00 Meals are not included.
Tour Offered: Nov 13-17, Nov 14-18


Day 1. Departure from Mexico City to Puebla, we will visit downtown of this beautiful city. The state of Puebla is located to the south east of Mexico City. Puebla is a state with a rich history. also known for its moles which are complex sauces made from chilies, chocolate, and other exotic spices. We will continue to Tehuacan, wich is a beautiful town. We will sleep there.

Day 2. We will visit the Jardín Botánico de Zapotitlán, where you will be able to admire the columnar cacti forest and monumental beucarneas. We will continue our journey and will enjoy the beautiful landscape of the tropical dry forest of the Biosphere Reserve of Cuicatlan. We will then visit the town of San Juan Raya, where the town people found more than 40 dinosaur foot prints from more than 110 million years ago. We will depart to Oaxaca, and sleep there.

Day 3. We will visit Yagul, wich is an archeological site, and was declared one of the country's four Natural Monuments. We will continue to Santa Maria el Tule, that is a small town, where we will find the tree of Tule which has a circumference of over 160 feet at its base, and is between 2000 and 3000 years old. We will visit the towns of Tlacochahuaya, Teotitlan del valle. We will finally get to Mitla, this is a beautiful archeological area, then we will return to Oaxaca to have the afternoon free, and we will sleep there.

Day 4. We will visit Monte Alban, The various structures of Monte Alban center on the Gran Plaza or Great Plaza, a large open space created by flattening the mountaintop. From this plaza, aligned north to south, there is a great view of the Oaxaca Valley, we will have lunch in a trout farm. We will return to Oaxaca, and sleep there.

Day 5. Return to Mexico City

Cost per person: US $1100.00 Meals are not included.
Tour Offered: Nov 13-17 and Nov 14-18

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